HKF&DA Design Award

HKF&DA Design Award



Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Association is committed to promoting the industry development, giving full support to local designs, and actively cultivating new talent force. HKF&DA, for the first time in 2014, supported the ‘Professional Certificate in Innovative Furniture Design’ Program organized by Hong Kong Design Institute and POSH Office Systems (HK) Limited. The Program is recognized under the Qualifications Framework at Level 4 and is widely accepted by most government and business employers. It is a comprehensive program inclusive of both theories and practice. The syllabus covers the history of furniture designs (studying of the trends affecting factors such as cultural, regional, artistic, economic, technology, and so on), identifications of various standards for furniture designs, study of the measurements, materials, production processes, targeted customers, and other related information, as well as applications of ergonomic design with utilization of appropriate materials and production methods. Students will also be arranged visits to the furniture showrooms and the flagship offices of POSH.  

At the final phrase of the program, each student has to design and produce a piece of furniture showing the knowledge he/she learned in the program as his/her graduation work. The product will be presented in front of the competition judges and the design concepts will also be introduced. This year, HKF&DA Chairman Mr. Eric C. Yim, the Executive Vice Chairman and General Secretary Ms. Jane Tong, the Executive Vice Chairman and Honorary Treasurer Ms. May Leung, and the Executive Vice Chairman Mr. William Chiang were invited, together with Mr. Daniel Chan (Head, Department of Product and Interior Design, HKDI), as the competition judges. They all gave high praise to the students’ works for their qualities and full of robust creativity.

To recognize those students with excellent performance, HKF&DA formed “HKF&DA Design Award” and had presented to seven students awards in the “60th Anniversary Dinner cum the Inauguration Ceremony of the 36th Board of Directors” on 7th August. In order to showcase the achievements of the students, the awarded pieces of work were exhibited in the 60th Anniversary Dinner. They will also be made known to the public by being displayed in the “Furniture . The Hong Kong Story” Public Exhibition held at Olympian City between 5th and 11th of October.

HKF&DA’s mission is to facilitate sustainable development of the industry. With a belief in talent-nurturing is important to the industry’s legacy and future development, we are going to dedicate our efforts to support and participate in nurturing and developing the new generations.


Champion – CH4IRS

The Champion of “HKF&DA Design Award” :Tang Pak HinCheung Ting YanYau Yat WahChu Wing Faat and Wong Chak Hung, Jack

The inspiration of this design mainly comes from personalities. We created a fictional character, the Caribbean pirate Jack Sparrow. We wanted to design a chair specifically for him to highlight his “unexpectable”” personality. In addition, from a practical point of view, the chair had to match his active personality. Based on all these, we ended up with a chair with smaller size. It can be separated into 4 chairs with different sizes but same shapes. They can be stacked one above the other and this special design makes the stack of chairs look like one chair. Because of this, the design brings out an effect of “unexpectable”.


Runner-up – MORPH

The Runner-up of “HKF&DA Design Award”:Wong Yan YanChan Yin ChingLau Hiu Ying and Lai Yin Kwan

Since this chair is designed for Stella and she likes the butterfly patterns, we then used features relating to butterflies to design this work. We used a string to wrap around the entire cube, with the concept of pupation stage of a butterfly. The two butterfly shapes on the cube symbolize the stage for a butterfly breaking through its cocoon. This work consists of three cubes with small, medium, and large sizes. They can be packed together to save spaces.   


Third Runner-up – Crescendo Sofa

The Third Runner-up of “HKF&DA Design Award”:Lai Yip LamHo Yat PanLi Ka ManWong Hin ShunLai Cheuk Kwan

Crescendo is an Italian word which means “gradually increasing, and getting higher and stronger”. This design can accommodate the user’s need for the number of seats can be adjusted. The sofa is not simply a combination of several stools. In fact, they can be separated without sacrificing the aesthetics. To be in line with the personality of the target user, 10 degree of inclination is applied throughout the design so as to create a bold, aggressive, polygon-like image.