Project HK-UK: Design, Artistry And Craftsmanship Mentorship Program is an eleven-month program in which mentees will develop solid furniture design and making skills. The mentor-mentee matching will be based on each mentee’s career aspiration and special interest/focus in furniture design. The mentees will have the opportunity to learn about mentors’ educational and career experiences. In addition, the mentors will share resources, give mentees advice, follow up and work together on their progress towards the realization of this creative collaboration.



This project has been initiated by the Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association (HKF&DA), with major support from CreateHK, for BODW 2019, where our partner country is the United Kingdom.  The programme will explore design partnerships and cross- and multiculturalism, not just through discussion and debate, but also through the design and evolution of live projects, engagement in mentorship and participation in displaying design.

‘Project HK-UK’ has invited UK-based Samuel Chan, who was born in Hong Kong and maintains strong personal and business ties with the HKSAR, to be one of the UK designers and, crucially, the Project Coordinator. He has invited five other outstanding British furniture designers to work on the design briefs outlining the deliverables and scope of the project, defined by six established Hong Kong designers from different disciplines. We have also invited 12 design mentors from Hong Kong. Each HK mentor will work with two or three mentees on the same design briefs to created 18 original pieces of furniture. Project Director, Mentor Coordinator and the special project team of HKF&DA will facilitate the Mentor-Mentee paring.

Samuel and the other mentors will offer advice and guidance in professional skills to these Hong Kong emerging designers, new start-ups and design graduates involved in ‘Project HK-UK’ through organised seminars, lectures and assessments, and set up exchanges with UK design institutions. Joined and Jointed and HKF&DA will also participate, and arrange for the production of the prototypes. The result will be a line-up of outstanding pieces, which will be launched at BODW 2019 and the SUPERDESIGN SHOW at Milan Design Week 2020.


Application requirements & procedures:

  • Emerging designers (2-8 years) and design-related start-ups (1-5 years) with relevant working experience; and fresh design graduates with background in product/furniture/spatial/ architectural design;
  • Nominated by an employer, an education institution, an industry organization, or a professional from design or related sector;
  • Applicants should submit the followings (in one pdf file) to HKF&DA’s email:
  1. A resume with personal details, education background, and working experience;
  2. A relevant portfolio; and
  3. An intention (app.100 words) and name and title of nominator


Selection Procedures:

1st: Shortlisted by HK-Project Team based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of portfolio (creativity and originality)
  • Relevance of the education/working experience


2nd: Selection Committee form by mentors and representative of organizer, sponsor and supporting organizations, will select the right candidates based on the criteria, and interview may be arranged:

  • Innovation and creativity (Portfolio) 40%
  • Background/Relevant Strength (Clear focus and open-mindedness) 30%
  • Potential to be committed to the programme, and stay in the industry 20%
  • Contribution to design industries 10%


Application deadline: 25th June 2019

For enquiry: