Chairman’s Notes

Thanks for all the support, trust, and love imposed on me by the members of HKF&DA, I was elected as  thirty-seven chairlady. I feel it is a great honor to me.

Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Association was incepted in 1955. It is a non-profit organization and stands as the oldest and most representative entity of the Hong Kong furniture industry.  HKF&DA has lived for half a century and has been enjoying about six decades of good harvest. Our team now becomes stronger and stronger. The implementation and progress of our many projects have seen success.  All those are attributed to the selfless dedication of successive chairmen and directors, as well as the strong support from many our members and friends. I wish to express my gratitude to all of them. 

In the past six decades, we have been walking hand in hand with the industry development, keeping ourselves up to the trend. We strive to act as the leader and bring the industry to the forefront and open up different new opportunities.  The furniture consumers in the past focused mostly on the features and price. However, with the time changing, their demands on the products have been increasing. They now focus on not only the appearance, materials, and the level of comfort but also the product design, the brand names, and other environmental issues. In addition, the match of the furniture and the interior design has become more and more important.  

Varity of combinations of furniture will feature the consumers’ unique life styles and personal tastes, reveal their cultural backgrounds and social and economic status. The industry of furniture and decoration emphasize unique designs and pursuance of innovations. Therefore we strive to strengthen our skills and knowledge on design and innovations and make use of technology in order to produce high-valued products. In view of this, for the furniture and decoration industry, HKF&DA is committed to instigate a “3C Industry”- Culture, Creativity, and Craftsmanship. We organize various activities and   many projects in order to enhance the productivity of Hong Kong furniture and decoration trade and promote the development of trade branding in Hong Kong. There is an old saying in the industry, “ Men will get old, things will vanish, but the brands last forever.”We will continue our efforts to boost Hong Kong branding of furniture and decoration, enhance products competitiveness in both domestic and overseas markets, attract and nurture talent, and build prosperity and benefit for the industry.

HKF&DA is committed to instigate a “3C Industry”- Culture, Creativity, and Craftsmanship.

May Leung
Chairlady of Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Association