60th Anniversary

The 60th Anniversary of Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Association

Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Association was incepted in 1955. It is a non-profit organization and is the oldest and most representative entity of Hong Kong furniture industry. Since its inception, it has been committed to enhancing the potential of the industry and to promoting the sustainable development.

In the year of 2015, it was the 60th Diamond Jubilee anniversary of HKF&DA. A series of activities were organized in due course which included the 60th Anniversary Dinner cum the Inauguration Ceremony of the 36th Board of Directors hosted at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on 7th August. This event was given the theme “Furniture made Hong Kong a home for sixty years”. Mr. Godfrey Leung, Acting Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development was invited as the officiating guest, together with Mr. Zhang Qiang, Vice Minister of Coordination Department of Liaison Office of the Central Government in Hong Kong, and Mr. Zhu Chang Ling, Director of China Furniture Association, and the friends from around to come to celebrate the inauguration of the Chairman Mr. Eric C. Yim and all other directors. This witnessed the HKF&DA’s sixty-year of brilliant achievements and future prosperity.

The Chairman Mr. Eric C. Yim was breaking the traditional practice and realizing his innovative mindset. He used a short film as the anniversary documentary to replace a traditional stringent inauguration speech. He also made known in advance that HKF&DA will host a public exhibition at Olympian City between 5th and 11th of October. This exhibition aims to enhance the public’s understanding and support to the furniture industry through providing a place for the public to review the industry’s transformation and evolution.

Thanks to a group of industry leaders who dedicated years of cultivation and endless innovation, the furniture industry was able to remain sustainable and continuously create new records in the history. To recognize the contribution of several superior leaders to both the industry and HKF&DA over the past decades, HKF&DA presented 60th Anniversary Personal Achievement Awards to 20 veterans in the industry. On the other hand, the Chairman Mr. Eric C, Yim had been focusing on nurturing new talents and inheriting the unique culture of the industry. Therefore, at the initiative of Mr. Eric C, Yim, HKF&DA was first supporting HKDI’s ‘Professional Certificate in Innovative Furniture Design’ Program in 2014 and establishing “HKF&DA Design Award”. Seven graduates of the Program this year whose outstanding works won the design contest were presented the “HKF&DA Design Award”in the gala. The award presenter, Mr. Mark Lui also shared his experiences and ideas in creativity on the spot.

In the event, there displayed the six-decade development history of HKF&DA on the boards and showcased the furniture productions designed by the students of HKDI. The guests were presented the gifts of a 60th anniversary stamps presentation pack and a publication of 60th anniversary special edition.

To celebrate the sixty-year establishment of Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Association, “Furniture . The Hong Kong Story” Public Exhibition was hosted at G/F, the Atrium, Olympian City 2 on the date between 5th and 11th October. This exhibition was co-organized with Olympian City and supported by Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Design Council of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Design Centre, and Hong Kong Design Institute. Its objectives were, through the scenes of nostalgic and modern furniture displays, Furniture Crossover Design Gallery, and Furniture Puzzle Workshop, to increase public’s knowledge and support to the furniture industry and to let people explore the ten-year evolution of Hong Kong’s furniture and fine taste the stunning furniture designed by local famous designers.

Upon receiving all the support from industry colleagues and friends of different sectors, HKF&DA expects to create a new chapter for the industry and to promote stable development of Hong Kong’s economy.

“Furniture . The Hong Kong Story” Public Exhibition


Furniture Design Products

From Furniture to Hong Kong Stories

In Fifties and Sixties after the Second World War, the furniture in Hong Kong was greatly influenced by the western-eastern culture and urban development. Until today, the style of Hong Kong’s furniture has been evolving a lot. There was always magnificence for furniture with Hong Kong style at a time. Every piece of furniture bears the memories of generations of Hong Kong and the stories of Hong Kong people including you and me.

Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Association, collaborating with Olympian City, is hosting “Furniture .The Hong Kong Story” Public Exhibition at G/F, the Atrium, Olympian City 2 on the date between 5th and 11th October. In the exhibition, through the scenes of nostalgic and modern home and office furniture display, Furniture Crossover Design Gallery, and Furniture Puzzle Workshop, etc. people are led to explore the ten-year evolution of Hong Kong’s furniture and fine taste the stunning furniture designed by local famous designers. We let our stories be told by the furniture.

Retro.Contemporary Office & Home Furnishing

Over the past decades, Hong Kong’s home furnishing has been evolving while the time changes. “Retro . Contemporary Office & Home Furnishing” includes two compartments, one with displays of nostalgic home and office furniture and the other the modern’s. It reveals the major change of furniture between the Seventies and nowadays.  

Furniture Crossover Design Gallery

Initiated by Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Association and cooperated with local famous designers, we produced furnishings originally designed and made in Hong Kong. In collaboration with the manufacturers we also produced furniture with local characteristics of Hong Kong.

HKDI Furniture Design Gallery

Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Association established“HK&DA Furniture Design Award”for courses in home furnishing and design offered by Hong Kong Design Institute. The winner designs will be manufactured as physical products to showcase the creativity of our young designers.

Furniture Puzzle Workshop

Children can unleash their unlimited creativity. Under the coach of the teacher, they are able to design and assemble small units to make furniture owning their unique ideas.

Designer x Company

Designer’s Introduction

Product’s Descriptions

Freeman Lau x  Giormani

Freeman Lau was born in Hong Kong. He graduated from the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  He now is one of the founders of KL&K Design Ltd. 

He has been engaging in design services for over thirty years. Besides professional work, he also has strong love and adherence to pure art. His works on decoration and public art are especially excellent and earned a lot of awards. Among his other products, the “Piggy Chair” series is best known to the public and has been collected and displayed in the art galleries and museums  of different countries and cities including Hong Kong, Japan, Berlin, Beijing, Taiwan, and so on.   

Pony Chair


After designing and producing the “Piggy Chair” with Giormani in 2009, we again created “Pony” adopting the ideas using animal zodiac. Horse, in my memory, is a good companion in my childhood.   

The “horse” is not a real horse. It actually is a dining chair. I remembered I didn’t have many toys when I was young and a “good horse” gave me and my brothers and sisters many happy hours.  The “good horse” had a tall horse’s neck as the chair back, the horseback as the seat, and the four horse’s legs as the chair legs. When we sat on its ‘back’, holding its long ‘neck’ with hands, rocking back and forth, its ‘legs’ were gurgling.  We felt unrivaled excitement. 

It also brings to me my childhood memories when a pony puts on costumes.  I wish every child enjoys a happy childhood. Rocking the chair of horse, with unlimited imagination, the children step ahead in their growth-up journeys and burst into bright futures.

Piggy Chair


“Piggy Chair” series has been in it’s tenth year. The series is usually used for discussions of some serious topics such as interpersonal relationship, communication, and society, etc.

Lee Chi Wing x Elmo

Lee Chi Wing established Milk Design in 1998. Holding the concept that design should be originated from life and infiltrate into life, he brings out new inspiration and experience. He has designed a number of products for many international brands and local brands, as well as conducted projects on brands management and decorative arts.   Milk Design was listed by Time Out Magazine as Top 25 HK Designer.    

Three-legged Wooden Chair


Three-legged Wooden Chair was produced in cooperation with Elmo. Elmo’s furniture is mainly made of North American white oak, combined with through-tenons and tenons traditionally made by hands or other woodwork technologies. Milk Design has been exploring the relationship between designs and cultures so as to create new designs which will integrate with traditional processes.

One of the focuses in this collaboration was to explore and realize the structural model of the furniture made with solid wooden rods.  The design was handled with subtle and dedicated methods and focused on clean lines and put the emphasis on the structures and conjunctions.  The conjunction at the back of the triangular bracket under the seat base used the round-wrapped triangular structure. The handle was streamlined from straight to a curve. This sophisticated design required accurate calculations and processes. A new design also needs to consider the comfortableness, practicality, and feasibility of production.  Before arriving to the final production, many discussions were made, trial tests on the tenon structure models were run, and many studies and modifications were made on the design.

Tweety Leung x PROFILIA of West Germany

Tweety Leung is a local illustrator and cartoonist. She has been committed to creating art pieces containing local elements. Tweety loves to create arts that are funny and can bring people joy. Her works include a comic namely “Remembrance of Childhood History” and its collectibles which is created with the main story line about a child, Jack, of the Hong Kong grassroots family, and an amusing comic for lovers “Bear with BEEBi”.    

Recital of Hong Kong Style Furniture.  Pineapple Bun Bed


Tweety believes that if a sense of warm can be added into a piece of furniture in addition to just comfort, it will make a home more fun and enjoyable to most busy urban dwellers. She injected a new meaning and gave a function to one of the most representative food of Hong Kong: Pineapple Bun.  It also realized her childhood fantasy to having such a big pineapple bun that no one can consume. The mattress cover on the Pineapple Bun Bed was made with the concept of assembling hundred pieces of little cloth. On each piece of little cloth painted the change of furniture and the living conditions of Hong Kong families in the past sixty years. The product symbolizes the collective memories of every household in Hong Kong.  Tweety makes use of cartoonist illustrations to inject young elements into nostalgic concepts so the young people are able to understand the change of the furniture in these many years.      

Agnes Nong x S&C Furniture

Agnes graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, studying product design and art design education.  She thinks that art consists not merely creativity but also education in the creativity process. Agnes founded “Memories Factory” in 2012 and aimed to arouse the public’s awareness of environmental protection via memories.
“Memories Factory” attracted supports from various enterprises. It planned to be one of the first batch of successful projects on Fringe Backer’s crowdfunding platform. It has been also eligible for the funding



Childhood memories are always the most simple and purest. The design of “Unicorn” combines the body structure of adults and the thinking angle of children to bring us back the childlike enthusiasm. 

“Same as mommy” furniture set consists of chairs, little end tables, and lots of fun. Parents and their children can create more good memories with the “Unicorn”. The design concept is originated from a story about a mother unicorn carrying its cubs and bringing them up. It also casts a metaphor for Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Association carrying the industry development for sixty years. At the same time, the Association is also put in energetic power by the young generation.         

From the other side of the furniture, we can see the cross-sections made of the waste of wood fiber and the remaining natural wood generated in the production process when S&C Furniture produces the board furniture. We intentionally leave the material undisturbed to preserve our memories on the production process and also bring out the environmental protection concept.

Kenny Li x Giormani

FAVEbykennyli is the unique fashion brand of designer Kenny Li. He creates the brand with the concept of environmental friendliness, lifestyle, and idealization. FAVEbykennyli reveals itself for each seasonal collection by integrating three kinds of techniques – photography, graphic design and fashion design.   Kenny not merely produces fashion clothing, but also let his designs dwell into people’s lives and different aspects of the trend. In his designs, people can see a perfect combination of practicality and artistry.  Fashions with his design have received a number of global design awards and have become the permanent collections of Hong Kong Heritage Museum and China Silk Museum.



In view of the 60th anniversary of Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Association, local fashion designer Kenny Li modified his KubeArt series to specifically make a commemorative edition, KubeArt60, to celebrate the Association. For this edition, a pattern of K60 is embroidered on each of any two sides of the cube. The KubeArt is formed by a number of cubes. The concept is adopting the design blueprint of a childhood toy, Rubik’s Cube. People can put together different cubes to create their favorite colour patterns. Taking the single-seat sofa as the example, it is formed by 24 cubes and with these cubes there are over hundreds of unique patterns can be created. KubeArt series has four versions with four different colour tones. They represent the four seasons. The special edition just mentioned is using the colour tone of Autumn which is “Be Cool” and added with the embroidered patterns that makes the whole design look simple yet extraordinary.  The variety of Rubik’s Cube patterns is representing unlimited creativity of Hong Kong’s local design. There is also a promising future for Hong Kong’s local design.   

Danial Chow x Sinomax

Danial Chow has been working in the semiconductor industry for thirty years. He is a skilled engineer.  In 2009, he steered his interests to furnishing and interior design and founded his own design studio.  Four years later, his design was accepted by the industry and earned several awards with his DC Design Studio. The awards include China’s Most Successful Design Awards of 2009 and 2010. DC’s design is concise and clean which is comprised of three major elements – innovation, technology, and taste of elegance.      

DC X Walnut Sofa & DC YUAN Walnut Coffee Table


DC YUAN Walnut Coffee Table
The “X” walnut sofa is simple, clean, smart and elegant.
The “X” configuration at the two ends constructs the relationship between the rear leg and the backrest, provides the rigidity needed. The “X” helps symbolize the theme of the “Designer X Manufacturer Crossover Project”, and the importance between product design and manufacturing.
Solid walnut material used in the construction, and memory foam material used in the seating offer healthy and comfortable seating, quality and durability.

Danny Ng x Ming Tat Hong Group

Danny Ng is fond of architecture and urban design and intends to bring Hong Kong’s architectural design to the world. He graduated from the Department of Architectural Design, University of Melbourne, Australia. He co-founded ‘4N design architects ‘ with Sinner Sin in 2009. Architectural projects include shopping malls, exterior of buildings, office space, conservation of historic buildings, and cinemas, etc. A number of programs have won international design awards : “40 Under 40”designer award, “Mirror” the best hotel designer award in Britain, IIDA Global Excellence Awards in US, SBID International Design Awards in Britain, FX International Interior Design Awards, Asia Pacific Interior Design Award, and etc.

Jungle-in-Jungle abstract art

The objective of this design is to bring the comfort of oasis to the city. Hong Kong is so densely populated and many portions of land are used as suburban districts. The concept of this design comes from the rocks and trees in the countryside. With the simple geometric approach, we made this piece of furniture that allows urban people enjoy outdoors comfort as well as made it a piece of ornamental art.